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Cardio2Core is a very special piece of me that I am happy to share with all of you!  


It wasn’t until after the birth of my third child that I started to take my physical fitness more seriously. I started going to the gym more regularly. I spent more time in workout classes and less time in the hot tub. I started to change my eating habits and began to see results. I was feeling better, stronger and more confident. I was hooked.


It was around this time that I was introduced to a workout class that incorporated workout moves to the beat of the music. Never had workouts been more fun. As a creative person, I quickly became enthused with this method of exercise. I have always had  a passion for music, with specifically using the music to create a fun and engaging environment. It wasn’t long until I was helping to create playlists and choreograph the class at the gym.

Soon, I began filling in as a substitute, got certified, and started teaching my own class. I loved the energy and enthusiasm from participants. It became a fun and exciting process to come up with new and challenging workouts. Creating playlists and choreographing songs became a true passion of mine.

Challenging people to do their best and witnessing first hand their personal progress is what drove me to continuously strive for the best. I was always looking for ways around the typical gym workout class. I wanted the workout to be unique, fun, and effective. I dedicated myself to finding new music and new, more challenging, moves. My class quickly became one of the most popular on the schedule.


In February 2020, about 5 months into my employment at the gym, Covid hit. My class, as well as the gym, was shut down with no certainty on a re-opening date. It was a strange time and the future of my workouts was unknown. I was lucky enough to have a couple of friends willing to come to my house (or Zoom) and exercise in my garage. Those gatherings were some of the best times in such a confusing and challenging season. With no mirrors, minimal lighting, and by the glow of the computer screen, my heart was fed.

In May of 2020 I casually ran into regular participants from my workout class. They expressed how much they missed my class, and wanted to attend again. We exchanged contact information and invited a couple of friends. About a week later, with one mirror hung on the wall, limited equipment, minimal sound, and socially distanced with the garage doors open, we had our first Class.

In that humble beginning, Cardio2Core was born.


Since that time, Cardio2Core has had major growth with a weekly schedule of classes offered. The number of participants continues to increase and the garage has undergone many updates. It has truly become a special place for all that enter. Together, we have encouraged each other in not just physical fitness, but in most every life experience. It is because of this group, that I am given the opportunity to continue working on my passion for creating new and challenging workouts.


With the creation of 2 different classes (Class and Centric), and a total of 20 individually different routines, (many more to come), it is time to branch out of the garage and into a studio. Without the constraints of the gym, the routines themselves have evolved into more difficult and challenging experiences. It is my personal goal to share my passion for music and movement with anyone that attends. I hope to create an environment that is positive, engaging, and effective for everyone. It is within these goals that I believe true physical and mental fitness can be found. I could not be more thankful and proud of Cardio2Core and all the people that helped make it possible.


I am excited to see where we can go from here.

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